Specialized Treatments

Preventive Care
In order to maintain your beautiful smile and oral health, we offer regular check-up’s for a Complete Dental Exam, Digital X-rays, Cleanings, Prophylaxis, to support your overall dental health.
Invisalign® Treatment
Everyone has their unique smile, and we are dedicated to help achieve and improve your best. Dr. Kim has been an Invisalign® Provider since 2004, and has continuously strived, achieving the Gold Invisalign® provider status with numerous clinical experiences.
Tooth Replacement
Smile with confidence with these restorative dentistry options. We offer: Dental Implants, Crowns/Bridges, and Dentures to help maintain and restore your oral care.
Periodontal Treatment
Good oral care starts from healthy gums. We provide Deep Cleanings and Laser Gum Treatment with our state of the art, BIOLASE Water Laser.
Restorative Dentistry
Restore the function and integrity of missing tooth structure. We offer: Dental fillings, Crowns/Onlays/Inlays, and Root Canal Therapy.
Cosmetic Dentistry
You have a beautiful smile, and we strive to our best to enhance it. We offer: Teeth Whitening, Laser Gum Contouring (with BIOLASE Water Laser), Veneers, Dental Bonding, and Orthodontic treatment. Smile Confidently.